What is Covered under Medicaid


The CNMI Medicaid program covers the following mandatory services:

  • In-patient Services
  • Out-Patient Services
  • Other Lab and X-Ray
  • Nursing Facility Services (only when referred off island)
  • Physician's Services
  • Early ad Periodic Screening and Diagnosis, and Treatment (EPSDT) for children under 18
  • Home Health Care
  • Family Planning Services
  • Rural Health Clinic (only when referred off island)

The CNMI Medicaid program also covers the following optional services:

Clinic Services
Optometry Services
Other Practitioner Services
Dental Services
Phsyical Therapy
Occupational Therapy
Speech, Hearing and Language Disorders
Prescribed Drugs, Dentures, Prosthetic Devices and Eyeglasses
Medical Supplies
Rehabilitative Services
Transportation (to off-island facility only)
Ground Transportation